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COBRAM   Sat  23-09-2017  10:30
Clearing Sale- Cobram
KOONDROOK   Sat  07-10-2017  10:30
Clearing Sale- Koondrook (Via Kerang)
KY VALLEY   Sun  08-10-2017  10:30
Clearing Sale- Ky Valley
INVERGORDON   Wed  11-10-2017  10:30
Clearing Sale- Invergordon
MIA MIA   Sat  14-10-2017  09:30
Clearing Sale- Mia Mia
SHEPPARTON EAST   Sun  15-10-2017  11:00
Property Auction/Clearing Sale- Shepparton East
KATANDRA   Sun  22-10-2017  10:30
Clearing Sale- Katandra
TOOLAMBA   Sat  28-10-2017  09:30
Clearing Sale- Toolamba
KYABRAM   Fri  17-11-2017  10:30
Clearing Sale- Kyabram
ECHUCA   Sun  04-03-2018  09:30
Clearing Sale- Echuca
DEVENISH   Sat  17-03-2018  14:00
Family Fun Day/Charity Auction

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