Clearing Sale- Nathalia

49 Manifold Street, NATHALIA VIC 3638


A/C- Woodbine Gardens & Advanced Tree Nursery Manifold Street, Nathalia Sunday 25th June at 9:30am on site

Trees: London plane, Ornamental Pears, Golden Ash, Crab apple, Silver birch, Weepers, English Elms Garden 

Nursery: All plants, shrubs, olive, apple & pears, Rocket pots by the 100’s in 30 & 40cm 

Garden Centre: Ornaments, Hanging baskets, Pots & Statues, Concrete mailbox 

Giftware: Dozens of giftware items 

Stock: Fertilizer & chemicals 

Vehicles/Equipment: Ford 3 ton Truck (IS NOW running, unreg’d), Ford Transit Van (reg’d), Grey Fergy 35 Tractor (Petrol, unreg’d), Kubota Market garden Tractor FEL Scoop (unreg’d), Cattle race & yards, Spray tank trailer and mobile fuel tank on trailer, Carryall, Approx 30 weldmesh nursery tables (Various sizes), 3 large Nursery trolleys, 2 small nursery trolleys, Roof iron, Gates 

Office Equipment/Sundries: Cash register, Counter, Display sundries, tables, filing cabinets, desk, 5 car tyres, Outdoor heater, 2 sets water skiis, Timber, 2 elec oil heaters 

Antiques/Collectables:  Timber bar & barstools, Club Chess couch, Marble top wash stands, 5pc Floral Loungesuite, Horse Drawn Bakers Cart, Horse drawn collar halms, Old Senalex Fridge, Comode, Timber chairs, Cast doors, clock, kettles & boilers, chairs, Cast set (plough), Camp oven, Boot last, Copper Tub, Jug, Wall plaque, Fire screen, Extinguisher, Copper boiler with handles, Royal Doulton crockery, Jimmy Johns, Cream cans, Qty China crockery & tea pots etc, Qty of Figurines/Ornaments, Vases, China doll collection, Jardinear, Biscuit barrels, Pottery, mirrors, brass wall hangings, paintings & pictures, fire set, old black irons, Qty of Silverware inc. butter box, tea pot, cake plate, sugar bowls etc, mint coin collection 1989-2000, Crystal glasses & glassware, 2 painted cross cut saws, Wireless, Old lawn mower, Cast Urn, Timber bolt rakes, Scales, Black steel vase, Wash bowl & jug set, 2 Coreen Colass Vases, 2 China Vases, 8 Bradford Princess Diana Collection plates,2 Pickers dip tins, 3 Banjo Patterson Country Plates, 6 Bendigo Pottery Golden Years of farming, Edwardian English vases

Remarks: The property has been sold. All goods are for genuine sale. 

Terms: Strictly cash or cheque on day of sale. Number system, ID required. GST Sale 

Directions: On the southern end of Nathalia Township turn onto Manifold Street from Murray Valley Highway. Follow Signs 

Contact:  Paul Durden 0409 563 671 Barry Jones 0437 551115

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