Tips For Renters

- Inspecting a Property

- Applications

- Routine Inspections

- Keys 

Inspecting a Property

If you are a prospective tenant, interested in viewing a property, you are required to make an enquiry. This can be done through our Shepparton or Numurkah offices, via the enquiry form on this website, or via the enquiry form located on the property advertisements on other real estate websites. Once a viewing has been scheduled, you will then be notified of the date and time via SMS or email (whichever means you have provided). Please ensure you call the appropriate office to confirm your attendance. Photo identification will be required upon entering the property at the inspection time. 


When making your application for a property, your application form should be fully completed and signed along with the appropriate supporting documentation. You will be asked to provide details of your current rental agency, previous rental agency, current and previous employment, as well as two (2) personal referees. Please make sure you include the contact phone numbers of each of these. It is advisable not to provide family members as personal referees. Kevin Hicks Real Estate application forms detail what documentation is acceptable and compulsory. Photo identification must be provided, no exceptions. 

Upon receipt of your application, our office will commence processing. This includes contacting your current rental agency, previous agency, employer and personal references. We recommend you contact these people prior to making your application to let them know that we will be making contact. 

Once your application is complete, this will be submitted to the owner of the property for their consideration. The owner is the person who makes the final decision. You will be contacted regardless of the outcome and provided with any feedback we are able to offer to improve your application. 

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are carried out at the first three (3) months from commencing your tenancy and every six (6) months thereafter, for the duration of your tenancy. Inspections are necessary to ensure that the property is being maintained at a suitable standard and to monitor any items of repair or maintenance. You will be notified in writing as to the date and time your inspection will be held. You are not required to be in attendance at the inspection and the spare set of keys held by our office will be used to enter the premises, should you not be home at the time. 


One set of keys are issued to you, the tenant, at the commencement of your tenancy; and a spare set of keys are held at our office at all times during your tenancy. The property will never be accessed using these keys without your knowledge and consent. Should a tenant ever lock themselves out/lose their set of keys, the office set may be collected by the tenant. If a tenant changes a lock, they are required to pass a copy of the new key onto their Property Manager.